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Addie's Sketchbook_Summer in Wellfleet_C

Summer in Wellfleet is an illustrated mini-mystery that comes to life on the sketchbook pages of a funny 13-year-old girl.


Addie Kinsley doesn't do well with change, which is why she's not looking forward to spending summer at Pop's empty cabin in Wellfleet. It doesn't help that Addie's mom has secretly signed her up for an arts middle school, making Addie question her love of doodling.


When mysteries around Pop's death begin to emerge, Addie abandons her cautious side, and goes on her life's strangest adventure - alone! - sending everyone frantically looking for her. By facing her fear of change, Addie finds out that family isn't always what you expect. Sometimes, family simply means the people who care about you.



"Addie of Wellfleet is like Dork Diaries, but it will make you laugh and cry.

I really enjoyed the story and I LOVED Iris the pug."

- Sammy, age 10


"Addie's Sketchbook is going to take The Diary of a Wimpy Kid lovers to the next level.

Addie has a great personality. She is an amazing character who many teen girls out there can relate to. I hope there's more to come."


- Sierra, age 12

“The book you never knew you needed. A funny book but with a little twist of drama and mystery."

- Finlay, age 11



Miten suomalaisnaiset onnistuvat yhdistämään uran, perheen ja kaksi kotimaata?

Monet naiset haaveilevat urasta ja elämästä ulkomailla. Usein rohkeus irtiottoon syntyy vasta silloin, kun uskaltaa pyristellä pois suomalaisen yhteiskunnan naisiin kohdistuvista odotuksista. Toisaalla suomalaisuus on upea voimavara, jonka kannattamana on maailmalla hienoa ponnistaa.

Kirjassa 15 eri suomalaisnaista kertoo avoimesti onnistumisistaan, pettymyksistään ja arkielämästään ulkomailla. Henkilökuvat inspiroivat lukijaa miettimään, mitä on onnellisuus, menestys ja naiseus. Tarinansa kertovat mm. Kiira Korpi, Tiia Vanhatapio, Laura Saarikoski ja Lotta Nieminen.

Otava, Finland (2018)

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